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Gifts for the Garden

Three really fantastic garden gifts came my way in the last two days. True I did a tad bit of hunting for two but SO worthwhile.

Here is the scoop.

The khargo log planter and khargo barrel planter are two hunt prizes. One was on the current Historical Hunt (Bizantine is the theme) and the second I found by accident while looking for the other. Both are easy to find without any hints.

So GOLD PAGODA statuette and PINK FLOWER texture. Find them both at Khargo.

The GARDEN PATCH w HOLLYHOCKS is from EED Home&Garden and will be available at the SL14B Community Celebration  when it opens in a couple of days. Sorry NO landmarks. Lips are glued shut.

This are all highly detailed mesh plants. They are NOT low land impact. So if one prim is your style, better skip them. But if you have some room on your plot, these are some really lovely presents.


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