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Mother Road

Mother Road

Now and I open a blogger box which causes my eyes to pop -- both virtually and corporeally. This Anetta Dress from ~Nerido~ is one of those wide-eyed numbers.  I can't imagine how difficult it was to make; well, I can really and that in itself is awe-inspiring.

Now there wasn't quite enough fabric in this garment for me to buy into the "dress" description *wink*, but happily I had some favorite leggings from last year that coordinated with one of the now-named sweater hues.

I added some beige biker-esce fashion boots and I was set.  Find a variety of color choices at Cosmopolitan. Maitreya fit.

As I was putting together this outfit -- as much for myself as for this photo shoot -- I noted that it was a bit too plain even for my minimalistic tastes. Then I remembered the tiny choker  in the new Lisa set from MEVA over at The Imaginarium.  The set is so very vast it is easy for something this small to get lost in the meelee, but for me it will likely be a long time favorite.

Just a finishing touch; and sometimes that is all that is needed.


Poses by: aDORKable and Eternal Dream


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