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Valentina - New Full Body Free

Note March 4: This will be on sale at Skin Fair (very very inexpensively -- I don't post prices) BUT you must be a member of altamura group BEFORE Skin Fair opens as the group apparently will close? That was the group announcement today.  This would be the full body version of this body giving you Omega options and likely the ability to turn of the head with alphas and use another.

A new free altamura full body avatar is out at the main shop for Valentines. She is a bit healthier -- in the body fat category-- than Jenny and has a very pretty face. Light skin tone and plenty of alpha cuts might make this just the right body for you.

This is Valentina pretty much as she comes out of the box. Slink shoes obviously fit. I sized down her breasts a bunch to fit into this dress and changed her head shape a tad so that this rigged hair would fit.  All in all a very nice look.

The pluses are "no neck seam" and lots of alpha cuts. The minuses are "no skintone changes" and likely not as easy to find clothes for.

But, if you or your alt is looking for a free way to test out the mesh body waters, you might want to give Valentina a try.

Currently the group is free to join.

Photos taken at Timeless Memories.

Poses by: Behavior Body


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