Remembering Greece

summer whites

The RFL Home and Garden EXPO is on the horizon.

My unplanned new release turned out to be a shop / living area built for some friends. Then there needed to be decor -- and so it goes. Sometimes unplanned is a good thing.

Along they way I had an opportunity to revisit some memories of my first big mesh creation using Cycles (the "more authentic" Blender baking engine). I had a vision back then three years ago in OpenSim. It turned out well, but I was happy to see that those extra thousands of hours spent in Blender did indeed improve my skills.

wall greece

This isn't really a post about my new releases, even though I am disguising it as such. It is actually a meme and perhaps a diary entry to myself.

I have made some changes recently in my virtual life, pairing down events, saying goodbye to some brands that I have been blogging for. They were difficult choices, but I feel good about making them.

Those of you that read New World Notes may have noticed me in headlines. I do believe there should be credibility in blogging. I DO believe that we owe our readers a fair view of products. And, I do believe as creators we owe our customers "wise" mesh as well as gorgeous :D.

So I am working though my beliefs and moving them to the forefront.


There aren't many actual SL blogs these days, most fashionistas have moved to Flickr photo-journalism with a few credits via link -- if viewers are lucky. And yes, I do miss the olden days. I plan to keep on blogging and taking pretty pictures, but  my self-limiting choices of late will most likely move me away from daily entries.  So that 5000th post will be a couple of months away still.

At the same time I plan to keep showing you items that I appreciate for both their style and craftsmanship.

So stay tuned.

Fashion credits:

[[ Masoom ]] Luscious Top  @ Cosmopolitan 

Available in the top 3 mesh body fits. Hud for buttons and belt. Hud for fabric choices. Honestly I never got past white and gold and I have been wearing this for a few days. Very realistic wrinkles and it is a pleasure to see something not perfectly skin tight. Get a demo and try for yourself.

Previous releases:

Stories&Co. Signature Velour Leggings - sure to be my goto pants for the summer months.

Meva Boho N4 Necklace Gold2

pr!tty - Girim - :Short

Poses by: Le Poppycock *Heartache* (many gold stars from me - check them out; some props included plus pose ball versions)