Breaking Up

break up

I haven't really had a "bad break up". Most were about growing apart, moving in different directions. There was that divorce thing :D, but in the end that turned out well. Who would have guessed.

The IS something cathartic about packing up the other's belongings -- most likely it is more about memories than possessions.

This post was inspired by the new DRD (Death Row Designs) Break Up Box group gift. The fairly angry box is a wearable prop with hold, but at two land impact with good LODs it can become a rezzed prop easily.

Add to that the really really great jeans from JUSTICE on the Valentine Hunt (until the 14th) and you have the beginnings of -- well, let's call it blogger art.

Other items in my shoot include:

Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ami Crop Top (Always and Forever)
Moto Boots - Used Black
not so bad . mesh . EYOTA watch
.::Nanika::.Olga tattoo Black
Amitie Consumed_Cigarrette_F01 -L hand


Beer Barrel RedAle S1BSAT1U8.2

Pose by: KOPFKINO - Pipe Sit 1 (male)