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Inventory Management May 2022


Inventory -- a never ending battle; unless of course you don't shop or gather gifts or create anything :D.  I suspect that most of my readers either SHOP or CREATE or both.  There is work afoot to fix issues that SOME folks are having.  And for the rest of us there is a long list of great tips on inventory best practices.  Find the official  post HERE. 

I have always been a sorter and neatener and deleter -- just part of my personality. So I was already following the lengthy list of todos.  But I seldom clean out my received pane, perhaps because I rarely buy from the Marketplace.

Hopefully the changes will all go smoothly and as planned but while these changes apparently wont affect everyone I suggest -- especially for those that have been having inventory issues -- that finding your favorite no copy and no longer available items and rezzing them or placing them in a box and rezzing might be a good safety measure. Anyone who has lost favorite items over the years knows how painful that can be. This will apparently begin June 21st so best to mark your calendar.  It is not clear to me if anyone will be notified but I am guessing "not".  

Next day edit:  

a welcome post came into the forums from Keira Linden which clears up any confutation.

In the interest of sharing here is a small part of my inventory pane.  Most top level folders have one, two or three MORE layers of folder beneath them. I have opened up "To Blog" and "Cosmo" so you can see. 


GIZ SEORN: Cosmo 10th Anniversary Gift 

Baiastice_Elefth Sandals

Black . Sand Kaluthric Welcome Closet -version I- 26 Prims

Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - bags

Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - boxes

Hair: TRUTH / Lullaby 

Pose: aDORable


Bannod said…
Once upon a time you could take inventory management classes in Second Life. I took one, because I'm a minimalist in RL and SL. The best tip I learned was to treat the Objects folder as temporary storage. That folder should be empty once you've filed your purchases in the appropriate folders.

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