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A Nutmeg Weekend

Lots and lots of goodies await you on this weekend sale at Nutmeg.  Arguably the best DEAL is this Nutmeg. Cottage Guesthouse Sofa  which comes in a pack with both A and PG versions and a bonus empty palette.  This is 18 land impact but does in  include a lot. The triangle count isn't low but to be fair I have seen plates of food with the same or more count LOL.  The biggest "lag" issue may be the 68 individual textures on this build. 

Other items are   NOT part of the sale:

Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Chest
Nutmeg. Breakfast in Bed
Nutmeg. Easeful Chamber Chest by HEXTRAordinary

[Cb] Frame Trio (coming at Advent)


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