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New Year's Eve Reflections

Chic turns 16 today, old enough to be on her way as an adult in the real world.  It's been a good year for both Chic and the typist and I think a good year for Second Life too.

Change happens. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. Four year olds have cell phones but have no idea where lettuce comes from and most likely they will never grow it. I have passed on what knowledge I have -- or tired to anyway -- in both worlds hoping it will enrich lives made of cells and pixels.  And I feel good about that.

This year has given us the Senra avatars for the new folks, a big step up from the avatars of twenty years ago. Platform enhancements such as PBR and "Soon" (TM) the mobile viewer will be catching us up to the future whether we like it our not. Personally I think Linden Lab has made many good choices this year, ones that suggest that they really ARE concerned with the citizens as much as their bottom line. The new Mediterranean villas bode well for the Belli 2048 crowds.  Even TILIA seems to have moved into the big time with the VRCHAT crowd coming into the fold.  

There are a few worries for 2024 of course, there aren't many times that change is a smooth road. My testing of the full PBR Winter Wonderland sim has me wondering how many folks will be left behind because of their computers inability to deal with PBR. I suspect that one or two of the lesser known 3rd Party Viewers will offer them a way to remain a part of our virtual world.  Perhaps the mobile ap will become so popular .....    

Well, we'll see.  

On a personal level, I will be moving into our changing world slowly.  I have no plans to move to LaraX.  The only clothing people  that I still blog for is Chandra and ennui now and then so it isn't something I "need" to do for the blog.  It appears that some LaraX clothing will still work with Lara and with a huge and lovely virtual closet I see no reason to change just for the sake of change. 

PBR will probably not be mandatory for a year for Firestorm folks. If my year and a half old top of the line desktop is having loading issues, I am happy to wait and see what improvements are made. I won't be updating my products to PBR since I have always created for the middle ground and not the folks with the newest and fastest machines.   

Tis nice to be able to look back and feel that the year has been mostly a good one. We haven't had that in awhile and with the state of the nation and the world it is difficult to say what this next year will bring.  

That being said I wish you a prosperous new year with smiles and joy and love. 

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