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Elv'an Majika

There is a new shop over in Cutieland called Elv'an Majika. It is a tiny place and the selection is small still, but it has some VERY nice items -- and they are from $5 to $0 linden. The boots I am wearing are one of four colors (forest, leaf, water and wind) and you get all four sets for free. The very nice bra top is EXACTLY what I needed under that ALB outfit a couple of days ago. It is tintable so very versatile.

This lovely glowing necklace is also free and named the "necklace of hope". Lovely and delicate, it still makes a statement -- and hope is a good one.

There are tip jars in the shop, so think about giving a little extra if you can. There is always rent to pay.

I added a skirt from Dark Eden. It is still available as a camp prize. I tinted it slightly to go with the top; it comes in a brighter white :D . Tights are from GLAM and hair from HOH. Pose from LAP and skin from Tuli.

Countdown: T minus 3 :D


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