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The Boats and Bikinis Expo is going strong and likely will be busy this weekend. I love the ambiance and the Riviera feel. Get on some posh duds and browse the shops. And don't miss the hunt going on.

In this photo:

* a "Keep Calm and Stay Anchored" wooden plaque from Beach Street, a hunt item.
* the Marilyn Dress (four colors by hud) from Luas Urban Style.
* the Vintage Reading Nook from the Little House of Curios.

I want to give a special thumbs up to the Little House of Curios who I had never heard of before -- one great reason to visit special venue shopping events; there are so many undiscovered shops.  Edit: OK. Egg on face here *wink*. I not only had heard of the Little House of Curios, I had featured some items from there from The Challenge. So that was just me being extra dense.

This is original mesh. We don't see a lot of that these days and as an original mesh creator I want to give a little extra credit to the folks that have done their homework, put in their time and can make their own goodness from scratch. There is plenty of room for the people who are superb texturers; they are valued too. I do wish though that more folks would move into that "original" camp.

This is lovely work, well designed and amazingly all separate pieces (thankfully also coalesced in a set so I didn't have to do too much work *wink*) so you can use each item numerous times where needed.  The prim count on the whole set including the chair, table, wall star and all those decor items is 22. The flower mesh is from another designer, is both lovely and popular and was amazingly given credit on the vendor poster.


Hair: The Hamptons by Vanity Hair 
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: Beehive


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