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Photo from "Running with Scissors", a film from a year ago.

Strawberry asks us what we are afraid of -- a hard thing to ask; even more difficult to answer.

I have faced a lot of fears over the years and many times moved beyond them. I can't remember what I was afraid of at 30. I am guessing it might seem trivial now, later in the game.

When I ask myself that question today, honestly, the only answer I receive is not being able to make a decision fast enough and in that failing hurting or losing someone I love. It is perhaps an unrealistic fear as I have made life changing decisions time and again within seconds. But it is still the only answer that I have. 


Losing someone from my life recently because I was unable to make a decision fast enough, really made me relate and cry to this post. Thank you Chic, very powerful image and words. <3
Cherylblossoms said…
well said chic, your words are very touching and made me think also a bit sad too.

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