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World Goth Fair - Space Station

Some take your breath away beauties can be found at the World Goth Fair still going strong.  From Eclectica,  Steamgoth Necklace and Earrings with texture change hud. This are simply spectacular!  

And from  The Stringer Mausoleum, *TSM* Bramble - Dirty Gold hair  in a huge variety of colors.   Definitely striking!

(hair base from Discord Designs) 

These great boots from  Eclectica  -- Steamgoth Laced Boots come scripted with color change accents as well as either silver or gold versions. SO pretty!   Also at the World Goth Fair.

Holding it all together we have a sleek and sexy little black dress (other colors available of course) from SLC. Look for "Bombshell".

Poses by: Vista Animations, Chip Midnight (nla)


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