Some super new boots are out from lassitude & ennui. Happily they come for many avatar types including Slink, system and Maitreya.  

After a purging off all things non-Lara, I am low on boots. Happily many favorite lassitude & ennui styles worked and I was even able to "mod for size" some of my favorite heels to fit Lara (insert happy dance).

But one can NEVER have too many cool boots.

From the notecard as I thought it so clever:

Coming to We Love RP (Blogger does NOT like the shortened version :D) on May 5th, flat lace-up leather boots in 6 colorful colors. Perfect for steampunk, medieval or vampire RP. Or just, you know, to keep
your feet warm and dry.

For the second year anniversary, these are half price of the later store charges so get yours now.

Also for guys!

Now I really didn't have any appropriate matching attire for these boots -- at least I didn't THINK I did. Low and behold as I searched through miniskirts and shorts in my somewhat svelte inventory I found this really cute DN Mesh: Lion Skirt from Ducknipple.

Not far behind that discovery was a super cute top that fits so well I don't even need alpha layers (woot), the Ducknipple Paula Vest (hiding in my closet unpacked in need of a partnering it appears).

On close inspection I found that the boots had a color change hud for trim pieces AND the skirt had an exact matching hue. Serendipity reigns -- and "I" have a new outfit.

Hair: MINA Hair - Elvire
Poses by: the scaffold