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FLF Shades of Gray

Out for Fifty Linden Friday, a one piece skirt and sweater set from Valentina E.

Funny really as Sami took this photo in Disturba and she doesn't look too happy -- even though she doesn't have a head with emotion choices.

So this is a bit of a public service announcement in a way. Here's the deal.

Here is the sign (left) and the dress vendor that you buy from at Valentina E.. The demo was a light gray which some designers use (or VERY light gray) and typically has nothing to do with the color of the product. When you mouse over the pink dress it says FLF edition (not charcoal). And of course if you read carefully -- let's be fair -- you can see from the product names inside the pink dress that it is actually charcoal (although not two toned).

Maybe this is the norm at VE, I have never purchased a FLF item there so I can't say.  It is a very well made garment for sure -- just not at all what she wanted or thought she was buying. It might be YOUR color of choice.

So Sami is tossing and I am reporting and YOU are now in the know and that works.

Me? I am going back to a day of creating with Blender :D.   Have fun shopping.

Mid-morning edit:  I am thinking that this could have simply been an error or one of those nasty database rollback things that happens now an then in virtual worlds. So it might be the pink dress gets replaced later in the day. A good reason to read the insides of the package *wink*.

Poses by: Torrid Midnight (nla)


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