A Plethora of Prims

By today many of you know that mainland lots now have 50% more prims. To find my 100 "prims" to go number boosted by over 1500 was definitely a surprise. My store lot was one of the first sims converted.

As I type this it isn't official but SEEMS to be clear that island folks will also get a boost, perhaps not as much as mainland. This will help all of us, so let's be THANKFUL and not picky or complaining. OK!   Other rumors and some odd land impact counts have shown up, but we really won't know all the details until the land changes becomes OFFICIAL.  

So while my super cute hoodie with built in undershirt -- very much in the mood of my real life style -- is supposed to be SAD for the SAD Event, I don't think many of us mainlanders are tearful these days.

The venue opens the 5th. Here's the SLURL.

My raindrop Zipper Hoodie from MYNX has plenty of companion styles  (hearts, lambs, floral, splashes etc) but I only opened the RAIN box. Rain was on my mind as my state broke the ALL TIME RECORD for rain in the month of October.

Most popular mesh body sizes are included.  The warm and comfy sweatshirts are best worn over applier jeans I think as the fit is butt-hugging (a good walking away view for sure) which I like. My jeans are from Beautiful Dirty Rich and I wear them oh so often. Group gifts of these are still out in the shop I think. Lots of denim colors on the racks.

I really love this hair from Amacci.  Kayla is saucy, sassy and casual and perfect for lounging around and play times.

Now that we have extra prims -- or land impact if you want to be super correct -- it will be fun to shop for homewares OR maybe even a new home.

The house in the top photo's background is my fresh off the Blender screen dwelling for DRAFTSMAN, a brand new venue which is looking to be very classy. I love the sim and the layout and even the parts that the public won't ever see are definitely top shelf.  It opens for the first time on the 20th. The goal if I read the literature correctly is to have a place to feature houses; furniture and accessories are part of the mix also, but the spaces are large -- some VERY large.

My newly built home is larger than I usually make and has plenty of details (notice that the siding IS actually siding). Long holding LODs, an optional plant balcony with ladder (couldn't waste sunny space) and a large railed deck brought this 512 fitting house in at 82 (83 with the fireplace in the works I am guessing).  So, it is good to have those extra land impact points. 512 lots as well as Linden homes now have 175 to use!

So, mark your calendar for the 20th when DRAFTSMAN opens its doors with goodness.

PS. I JUST missed the official announcement. Here is a screenshot from the video unveiling:

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Lumae - Eirtae skin applier

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: an lar