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Fall Closets - Guywise

Fall Closets

I showed you the female style of the ::WetCat:: "All Dressed Up" Closet Prop. But honestly? I like the guys version even more!

So clever! with very high quality props that rez and enhance your photos. Plenty of manly textures to choose from and the poses are great!  Check it out at Cosmopolitan.

My actual wearable as Chav is the new  A&D Clothing - Hoodie, Smith, also available at Cosmopolitan. It comes with a big choice of colors to coordinate with many jeans and slacks. Happily a lovely light rust version worked great with my ONE pair of male jeans that fit the new Davide body from EXMACHINA.

A side note here -- and a pitch. I don't get many male releases and I am happy to feature them if they will fit this new body. Just saying. The guys really have a tougher time in Second Life and I am happy to do my bit to help them find what they need.

Pose by: WetCat


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