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Monday Meme Revisted

We are revisiting astrology signs this week. Since I was VERY verbose last time I am going to paste in the link to my answers from four years ago.

And as an addition to my pasted link, I want to reply to the person that said Berry was technically "on the cusp". To some astrologers that is a valid statement; to others it is not :D. There are many MANY factors that come together in a natal chart but for some of us, one's sun is simply and definitely in the the sign it lies in.

Anyway, here are my answers.

After tubbing (always a morning ritual) I decided it would be good to finish this post adding the NEW info Berry asked.  I am not going to use the terms on the website she referenced but I had no argument with the adjectives given for her Virgo-ness.

What are some of the traits of your zodiac sign and do you feel they reflect who you are?

Aquarians think a lot; they often live in their head more than in what we think of as reality. Aquarius is both the sign of genius and madness, because we can often see and understand things that others cannot.

Aloof is a good adjective for Aquarians, but it is not so much a chosen thing as we are often busy watching from the sidelines. We "walk around" a scene rather than take part. We see the spaces between the trees rather than the trees themselves (also an artist thing so I can't really say how much is star inspired).

We often do things for the "good of the group" rather than for ourselves. We believe in progress and change but often find ourselves kicking and screaming (in our heads anyway) when faced with an actual need for change in OUR lives. 

We can be torn between future and past (Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius; Saturn the traditional one -- both a part of us and not all that simpatico in nature).  Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile these feelings and we find ourselves split. For example the typist has a super spiffy computer but I am one of the few people I know who purposefully doesn't have a cell phone.

There are so many influences in an astrology chart it is sometimes difficult to see where various characteristics come from.  I have always been an avid gardener. Digging in the dirt is an important part of my life when weather permits. That has nothing at all to do with Aquarius, but it very much is a factor pointed to by my Taurus ascendant. 

Hence I will skip the likes and such part of the question :D.

PS. I almost forgot to mention one of the most important Aquarian needs -- "personal authenticity"; being true to ourselves it of utmost importance.


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