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A Morning Swim

morning swim

Bright morning sun. Crystalline skies. Cool waters.

From Tromple Loeil, the Marceline Patio Poolhouse with plenty of outdoor spaces and a large adjoining indoor space for getting out of the hot sun. A year round build, it comes with a mirrored indoor-outdoor fireplace.  Find it at Uber (soon).

From Stories&Co. , the Eva Swimsuit for both Matreya and VTech.  Three huds are available. This combo is from the Exclusive Hud fatpack which also includes solid white and solid black.  Find them all at Summerfest'18. Great fit; modest (well sort of) but still very sexy.

From Vanity Hair, Sundance. A fun braided style it comes with optional FLEXI parts. You remember those! I have been nostalgic of late and it was great to see a bit of older times updated for today's styles.  Lots of colors of course and hairbases for most heads. Tres Chic is the stop for this new release.

Pose by: aDORKable


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