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Post 5000 - Redux Rewind

post 5000

It has been a long time since my 2000th blog post. Back then just getting to 3,000 seemed like a lengthy journey.

It was, but each step takes us closer to our destination and eventually I passed that checkpoint  arrived at the 5000 mark.

I didn't get here by myself of course. There were friends helping with hunting and gathering and sleuthing, taking part in photo shoots and videos, pointing me towards a newly discovered sim, a new creator, an unusual deal.

Every once in awhile I came upon the pose ball setup from my 2000th post. Stored away under "Poseballs -  Friends" it caught  my attention every now and then. I decided today -- when I heard that an old friend was leaving -- to take some time for remembrances.  Our get together was a good day way back then and a good day now. I cherish 95 percent of all the days and that isn't a bad ratio.

click for full-sized version

Here is the photo from that post back in May 2011. We were definitely into role play garb if not role play. That was back in the primo lucky chair days and I am pretty sure most of us are attired from our winnings.

This weekend's meetup was a Come As You Are photo shoot. No wardrobe changes, No new Bento poses or even hand changes.  We have altered of course over time but I think most of us have kept the same sense of style and attitude.  Lani, my building alt, wasn't around back in those old days but I made her a spot as she is a hard worker and definitely part of the team.

I can't imagine making it to post 10,000 -- but then again I never suspected to reach this milestone. So the photos will no doubt keep coming as long as I have something to share.

Special thanks to the creators who have been handing me items for most of these ten years. A few I still chat with from time to time. Some still deliver through the IM window.

Not EVERYTHING needs to change.

Poses by: LAP [nla]


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on this milestone of 5,000 posts. That is MONUMENTAL !!!

Thru the "magic" of SL I have aged in reverse. Electric Eggplant (EE) has gone from a classy Japanese elder to a young leather jacketed dude. Ah, don't we wish that could be done in RL....sometimes.

Great idea to show the "before and after" looks of your family and friends. We are all looking forward to many more posts.


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