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Midnight Fishing

midnight fishing

At Cosmopolitan:

[Cinoe] Fisherman's rest set includes wearable fishing rods as well as a bed. My favorites are the chair and the floats. My dad was a captain on a fishing boat and he would bring floats like these home with him --- found floating all the way across the seas. Very romantic.  These are very nicely crafted.   The chair has limited but top notch animations.

Loki - Cozy Winter GACHA items (two of many) :

Cherry Hearts Sweater
Cherry Leggings

Other colors are available and I am very impressed with the leggings; cozy warm fabric for cold winter nights.

NO.MATCH NO.TRY. braids with a young look. Lots of fun.

Since I am not a great fisherman, I will of course need something to pass the time with.

Bring in the Planberger wine release with both single bottles and ones in holders. Find them at the No.59 booth at Ultra.

Super cute boots by Eudora3D;  Haloke Boots
Petite Mort- Boho scarf


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