Second Life Advent Calendars 2018

advent calendar ChiC buildings

 -- Updated Dec 7 --

It's that time of year again. I will be covering a few stops in the myriad of locations.  The Christmas Tree Lot is back up with new additions for fashion shoots should you need a spot for photos.

"Under the Tree" Group Gifts

The Chapter Four - gold gift bags (group-small fee)

FaMESHed - (white boxes under tree - free group)

12 Days

eBento Event - Dec 10 to 25 (free group - various designers)

Altamura - Dec 12th - 25th (gifts each day with mesh head gifts at the end. (group - small fee)

JUMO - Dec 12 - 25th plus New Years (no group required)

Cosmopolitan - December 15th and onward. Gifts are added to the tree for several days and available until the end of the year (she says hopefully remembering correctly).

Advent Calendars

LTD Christmas: December 1st - 21st participating stores will be releasing a Christmas/Winter themed Home and Garden  gifts. Free Group needed)

MEVA: December 1st to 24th. Male and Female gifts each day. Pay group.

ChiC buildings: December 1st to 24th. A gift a day of original home and decor items from the floor (not holiday themed).

Sway's: The twelfth year of hunting and gathering. No group needed.

Entice: Clothes for women. Free group needed. I haven't found the calendar but the poster with all the goodies is not too far from the entrance. Last year there was an avatar complexity ceiling to get into the sim.

Other calendars of interest (will be updated as more stores announce:

Aplique Chic -  (no group needed)

Wellmade (clothes; free group needed)

Firelight (hair- free group required)

If you want to visit even more calendars, check out the list at TeleportHub.