Hot Christmas Gifts

Most Advent calendars are complete now (I gave away over 32,000 furniture and decor items - oh my) but that doesn't mean the gift giving is complete.

If you can pull yourself and your overfull tummy up to the computer, here are a few places to check out -- some are just today, some available for a few days; info was sparce in the group notices.

WOW has gifts under the tree INSIDE the store. $1 each with no group needed. This are some nice older skins with both Omega appliers and system skin (so you can match and remember what you are wearing which I really like).  There are a variety of skins from pale to dark and one male skin. You can see what you are purchasing before you buy in the contents folder.  Lani has a very pretty new pale skin which included a no brows option (hers are gray). Perfect!

Safira's gift room has just added MORE goodies under the tree. Free group needed.  The gals loved the holiday leggings and there are dresses and lingerie also.

Kaithleen's has a $300 gift card for all group members. (Free Group)

Entice as suspected has a gift card out for today. $300 (free group needed).

Faboo has a free hunt going through the 28th. Mostly swimwear with 10 for girls and 2 for guys. Look for candy canes. There is a hint notecard at the store entrance.

Entwined has a new group hair out [VIP with charge]

If you haven't picked up your $250 credit from Blueberry at Halcyon, get going.

There's more of course, but there's a start for you!