Warmth of Firelight


Decorating for the holidays is in full swing. If you need more goodness in your homey abode -- or even a new abode, shopping this week is bountiful!

Add to that some great event gifts and we have our top photo.

From Newchurch the Bjorn set for Builder's Box includes couch, chair, lamp, coffee table and console.

From Barnesworth Anubis, the Kent Cottage is of course family size with a full upstairs and room for all the kids, hobbies and guest. With Mansard roof and dormer windows it has a modern Victorian appeal -- including a room front porch for pedestrian watching.  Find it here.

From {what next} the Calm & Bright Wall Collage, still out from Fifty Linden Friday.

The Second Spaces - Cozy Corner - tassel garlands add some whimsy to the holidays and include straight (shown), up to the left and up to the right styles. Stretch as needed to fill your spot. Find them here.

Rounding out our homey styling (some things mine, some Sami's) are a few of the lovely decor gifts available at FaMeshed (free group)  and The Chapter Four (small group fee). Grab them all and find your favorites!

Wearables are in the mix too of course. Sami is wearing:

RIOT / Lumi Dress
ELIKATIRA Juniper - Exclusives
Essenz - Alicante (Pack 3) - don't miss these!

Pose by: Torrid Midnight