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52 Weeks - Week 49 Wenge

Wenge.  Hmmmm.   It looks like this darkish neutral brown is fairly close to my blog color and the background I have set for my browser. Who knew?  Actually Pantone's wenge is lighter than my sample below which is Sherman William's wenge.  But-- we have had color so similar I rebelled again.   If you like the lighter version then go for it; for me it will be this:

I had a styling for the lighter version, but this one is much more fun.  I had more of this grayish dark brown in my inventory than I suspected. My choice is a very old outfit from an early Steampunk event if I am remembering right -- SEVEN years ago.  Slightly dated; still very cute.  Here is my original post.  The great looking eye piece must have disappeared in one of my many inventory losses; I can't believe I would have dissuaded it. 


DGD Airship Princess Skirt Poe Fitted-Mesh skirt and top

Hair: Stealthic - Clarity

This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: SE Motion


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