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A Change in the Weather

Change is in the air. Fall is coming or for some of us already here -- at least for those of us in the northern part of the globe. I have switched from summery garb to warm sweaters -- from sandals to boots. 

I can't say that I love the winter season; I am not a winter sports kind of gal. But there is something about curling up with a book (or nowadays a tablet) by a warm fire and with a cup of tea at hand. 

It's peaceful.

Out for the Saturday Sale from Nutmeg, an unbelievable deal.  Not only do you get the furniture on display, you get both PG and A versions AND the chair and ottoman without the drapery.  Looking at this photo I would exchange the ottoman with the  throw and the plain version. Not possible :D.

This is not low poly mesh, but impressively lower for a Nutmeg design.  All  the pieces shown here add up to 25 land impact.  

Come November I may switch houses. This little cabin on a tall rock by the edge of the water is calling to me.  

There are some lovely pieces out at Kustom9 that coordinate well with this weekend bargain.  Getting into Kustom9 isn't easy of course --- but in time.    

I LOVE this animation (very subtle so much like a pose) in the ottoman!  Most poses don't fit me well at all; this one comes very close and definitely feels natural.  I decided to abandon my large beach house with pool and move over to the windowed cabin by the sea.  Will be fun decorating.   


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