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Artists Wear Black - Or Maybe Brown?

Back in the day when I was doing gallery openings in the corporeal world I always wore black. My artist friends and sometime group show mates did the same.  I am not sure we planned it that way but when we would gather to chat with our brie and grapes and someimes wine we were a sea of dark neutrals.  

I was invited to an opening this last weekend. Being a long time member of  Designers in Seclusion -- at least in spirit, I rarely attend events.  But really, why not?  Since this was an art event I decided to put  together an outfit that would be something that I would wear in that "real" world.  I wanted to be minimalist and posh and confident -- at least that look.   But did "I" have a suprise.

One would think with almost fifteen years of blogging that my inventory would be overflowing with possible outfits. Well, that isn't the case. Many times I blog and toss; so there is that problem.  I also wanted a mid length little black dress that covered my "bum".  Those really are hard to find LOL. So with my overstuff file folder of "minis" taken out of the experiment the task became immensely more difficult. 

After an hour or so of hunting and trying and discovering a few things -- the final choice was a gorgeous black leather jacket and a brown jumpsuit with belt.  Gray would have been more to my liking but not an option in the hud.  

SO NOT what I started out looking for. Still it was something that reflected my personality and I did use to wear a lot of jumpsuits and leather before  switchingto leggings and maxi-dresses.   So base layers complete.  Hair was easy as I used one of my favorites with worked perfectly with the jacket.  

Then came jewelry and shoes. Jewelry; there was  tons of but not much that worked with the look in progress. Eventually a great piece was found. Shoes were impossible; only old and ugly were available.  True I go barefoot a LOT, but a gallery opening was not the right occasion.  After visiting all the shoes stores in the destination guide plus a few other favoritess AND all the current events it became obvious the searching was a bust.  Moving on to boots I found a pair that worked well. Of course it was the LAST pair of short boots tried.

Here are the credits before we return to the story.

Mowie. - "Zarina" Leggings and top
Mowie. - "Sienna" Jumpsuit BELT
//Ascend// Jenna Cropped Leather Jacket 
KUNGLERS - Lola necklace

Hair: Stealthic - Clarity

Happily the 2D artist Bamboo Barnes followed the "black will not clash with my paintings" idea :D.  She looked spectacular.  

This was my favorite outfit of the event. Honestly a lot of folks were gray even after I upped my complexity slider so I may have missed some good if primmy ones. 

The "New Day" exhibit by Bamboo Barnes and Kerupa Flow is housed at the Hannington Arts Foundation.  

Poses by: SE Motion


Bamboo Barnes said…
It was refreshing to read about my exhibition in your fashion world. I enjoyed it very much.
Also very nice to talked to you even a short time, thank you so much Chic.

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