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Cosmo Anniversary Week 2

This didn't start out to be a teaser post but sometimes I just go with what's working for "art's sake"; so be it.

Week 2 of Cosmo's anniversary has started. Again there are some notable releases and again some very nice gifts.   I am not sure how many of them will end up on the blog, but here are a few bits of goodness to get you excited.  There are some very nice furniture and decor items, poses, jewelry and clothing (a fair amount is too skimpy for me).   


[ADD] Marie Bikini Top and Bottom (Maitreya )  
MOLiCHiNO Tri-Necklace
no.match_ ~ NO_CHEESE ~ Two Color huds

Y&B Center Island Boat House Dock

Pose by: B(u)Y ME: from a big gift pack at the event


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