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Just One Shot Maenad at Tempura Island

It has probably been two years or maybe three since I had been to Tempura Island.  I remembered it in shades of gold and orange and my memories had not faded.  On several lists in this weeks meme, it is exactly as I had remembered it. Like Babbage, time seems to stand still here. And perhaps that is not a bad thing.

My dress is one of many versions in a pack from deviousMind.  A version that came into being during the making of her limited edition item for The 24. While similar, this one seems to be more suiting for me somehow --  a bit of fantasy like a forest princess. There are many choices including some long flowing golden skirts. Me? I like the leaves just fine.

This is from the Gold-Canary pack. Other colors are available. Find them for sure at The 24 (follow your beam). They may also be in the main shop.

Boots: Phoebe by lassitude & ennui
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair Sheena by eXsEsS

Pose by: aDORKable


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