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Golden Words

This post features two of my long time favorite designers and I do mean long time. I have shown you my early posts from BAIASTICE a time or too, so let's move on to LARK.

Now I featured Sienia Trevellion way back in her wilder grungy days over four years ago. If memory serves she told me that was either the first post about her shop or one of the first. (Happily I have made some progress in my photo skills since that time :D).

I have plenty of LARK goodies in my inventory, most I have featured on these pages after a  buying frenzy. Some of my very favorites are books from a year and a half ago. They are scattered through MOSP and have often found places in my home when I was more of a vagabond gal.

There are new books coming. Very fun and creative books.

By now you probably know that these will appear at The Arcade gatcha festival starting the first.

There are a variety of library shelves with curtains and some really super books. They have a sort of fantasy feel for me -- knights and castles and witches brooms; that may just be my Windlight setting and my imagination.

Who knows?

My outfit is the new release from BAIASTICE for FaMESHed. The top and skirt are separates and come in a myriad of colors; mix or match to your heart's content.

The minute I put the top on  I was in love. Classy and feminine, it fits me perfectly. The ties in the back are lovely and realistic looking. And happily it is made with "B" cup gals in mind. OK, I may actually be an "A" but I have cleavage shadows after all. It looks really good.

This is absolutely beautiful so be sure and try on a demo when the event opens and the crowds clear a bit.

My new hair is SERENDIPITY, a great name, from Vanity Hair. The rigged mesh style (very long and full in the back) comes in three sizes. I am wearing small. I happily played with the new color huds which is SO MUCH NICER than guessing at the colors -- and easier on your inventory count to boot. Oh yes!

My bracelet is from Eclectica; always lovely. 

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


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