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I Got Dressed

And I look damn good.

20.FIVE has a ton of great new releases for your buying pleasure. This one caught my eye first :D.

But as I was putting this outfit together I noted that getting dressed isn't all that easy these days. Some impressive new releases went into this post and one older favorite, but it wasn't quick and I am glad I am not NEW.

Every single item I am wearing has a hud -- even my mesh hands if you count changing fingernails. Back in the old days our biggest challenge was to have enough layers of an outfit so we could stack a texture sweater over a texture corset and be able to tuck it into our pants which couldn't be skinny ones as those were on an underwear layer and you can't tuck in there (OMG).

Now part of the reason I am remembering this is that I have been over at a new Open Sim grid this last week making --- wait for it -- TEXTURE CLOTHES.

Yes, I am laughing too. But on this grid while there is mesh clothing (one shop) it is the same that I have seen on the other grids and I wanted to be unique. Some of you may remember that long ago and far away I had a small clothing shop in SL. It did fairly well being geared toward the thrifty. I never considered myself all that great a dressmaker (in real life I did that for awhile and I was MUCH better with sewing machine than graphics program).

I have been a very busy girl over at Virtual Paradise (population most likely under a hundred). I made some stellar (for me) loafers and yesterday (ALL DAY) I made these overalls. I wanted overalls. I like them. I feel comfy in them and if you have viewed this blog over time you know that I wear them often.

Amazingly I am MUCH better with pixel stitching than I was those many years ago. Partly this is due to Blender and the Bezier Curve part of the program that I had to tackle in order to get some things accomplished.

So I am going to show off a little now and you have to PROMISE not to laugh because I am very proud of what I accomplished and I love my new denim wear (the sweater was a previous project and those stripes MATCH at the seems I want ya to know).

Jewelry and pose also by me. Hair by Damselfly (TY!) Skin a group gift.

When you are a pioneer, you have to be resourceful. You also learn a lot.

I wrote a post on one of my other blogs about grid hopping should you be interested. It is one of those philosophical articles  that I sometime share.

NOW -- back to what you have been scrolling down to find out.

* All in one shorts and top set, 20.FIVE Mesh: Dolfijn Outfit
* Sunglasses, Meva Sporty Sunglass 2
* Boots, Baiastice Avani high boot-leather-black
* Hair Femke V2 by MINA

Poses by: Everglow


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