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It's Arcade Time

It is almost September and that means a new round of The Arcade!  While I am not a gambler at heart, last round I discovered the garage sales which I definitely enjoy so feel free to crank that handle as much as you want. I may be waiting to buy your extras!

With lots of great things coming your way, this is my sneak peak at the event. I have no idea what the official theme is or even if there is a theme, but it seems to have a retro vibe from the things I have seen so far.

Hence I dressed up in a very vintage swimsuit, just out from 20.Five, the Beau Bikini set (which by the way coordinates with the other new swimwear). Color choices by hud of course.

The star of this Arcade preview is the {theosophy} For Future Reference set. The machines are so inventive and fun, making me smile big time after a difficult day pounding on my computer. The Zultor's Wisdom booth gives fortunes you wear on your screen to see. There is appropriate music and flashing red eyes. You can almost hear the carnival or boardwalk in the background.

The testers also play music with lights flashing through the choices and  -- finally, landing on "the answer" :D. Really you need to see these.

Now as much as I LOVED LOVED LOVED these, I couldn't really think where I could put them (chuckle). I finally decided that they would be appropriate discarded clutter in the alleyway next to the warehouse gym. When I was processing this photo I hit the vibrancy slider a bit too far and ended up with black and white -- which seemed, PERFECT.

If you just can't wait until you make it into the event, feel free to come by and play (and take some photos of course). Here is the spot. 

Hair: Girls on Film1 by Vanity Hair

Poses by: the {what next} balloons found hiding deep within my closet


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