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Vacation Time - Uber

There are some great new releases out for Uber -- another new venue. I like venues, actually; you get to see so many designs all packed in together. Works for me as I am not one that loves to shop :D.

This leather and net beach tote with holds (left arm or right hand) comes in many many colors. The texturing and details are excellent.  Look for the ISON booth -- well actually the "booth" part is a guess as of course I can't get into the sim! it is packed and I am guessing difficult to move in as I see about 20 dots all on top of each other. The shopanistas are definitely having fun.

Baiastice had a great retro swimsuit and beach dress release called Candy. Ten color choices are available.

The yellow is definitely sizzling!

And from Sway's a darling souvenir jar.

Three styles are available and you can even add your own photo (some building skills required).


Cya said…
Loving it all. But the hair is ah-mazing!
Chic Aeon said…
It's my go to hair these days. Usually have it in the credits MINA - Nikky :D

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