Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones

It's good to break away from personal norms now and then. Two new releases helped that happen.

Comfort Zones 2

At The Crossroads (Dec 3):

from MEVA: Meva Curls Jacket Black Silver and Meva Captains Hat Curls Black Silver. Gold versions and other colors are available. Maitreya only.

from MYNX:   {MYNX} Corduroy Flares with many colors to choose from. Belleza, Maitreya, Slink

Who knew I would find so many uses for the [-BLUE SKY-] Propeller's at Draftsman?  A happy surprise as they are lovely.

Poses by: Helamiyo from the HEY set at Marvelous from 1st to 25th December (top pose) and flowey (nla)