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Some time ago in a land not too far away -

someone asserted determinedly that we were not in a relationship.

Even though it isn't February and even though it wasn't an I will love you forever affair, I was thinking about relationships and the problem some folks have with them.

I, of course, considered the asserter as a person I was in a relationship with. Details don't matter of course and here's why.

We are all constantly in relationships with one another. I have a relationship with my neighbor who kindly brings in my trash can during the winter months when almost no one wants to venture out in the muck. It is a small thing, but it is important and we have a "relationship" because of that.

As most of you, I have long term relationships with a few important people. Many span decades. I still, in my mind, have relationships with the men I have loved even though I haven't seem many of them in numerous years.  They were important to me. They in part made me who I am today.

Whether it is family or someone you constantly fight with over Internet forums, we all interact with each other continuously. And over time, that becomes a relationship -- even if we don't really want it to be.

So here is to relationships -- past, present and future. May we recognize them and their importance.

Fashion notes:

[MYNX] Resin rings at Chapter Four (right and left sets in various patterns and colors - this is the black version)

Vanity Hair's Miss Lu at The Crossroads (texture huds of course).

Makeup by alaskametro

Pose by: Status


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