Memories of Snow

Memories of Snow

Snows are melting in my real life neck of the woods. It has been a whiter than usual winter. It has been quite on my tucked away road, whiteness muffling the occasional sounds of cars going by.

For those that revel in the sports of winter -- whenever "winter" might be -- Sway's has a super cute sled with some fun animations and texture change options. There are three basic color palettes to chose from with options within those palettes. Find the Lumi sled at The Liaison Collaborative.

My pretty warm if the sun is shining brightly (and it IS) outfit includes new releases from:

Ducknipple: Outfit vs8 is a one piece number with fits for many body types. Find it at the main store.

.:Pulse:. Tip Toe Stockings fit Maitreya mid feet. They fit like a dream but the foot area isn't rigged to change foot angles -- hence the MID part of the description. Lots of pretty colors, you can find them at COSMOPOLITAN through Saturday.

eXxEsS Citron hair is similar to one of my favorite older styles. Casual and feminine it might be just what you are looking for. Tons of hair tones as always and a "breeze" version is available. Main store release.

Poses by: the sled and Helamiyo from the new Assassin set at Totally Top Shelf - a new event.