Hangars Liquides

Futuristic Chic

This evening's adventures take us both back in time and into the future.

Hangars Liquides  has been around since the beginning, the lab tab stating 2004.   Finding my way to a Space Cacoon which is both up to date and impressive, I dreamed of being among the stars.

There was of course had a reason for stepping into the future. Wearing it, am I.

The Eclipse Trench Suit and Boot are a futuristic dream. Slink, Belleza and Maitreya fits, there are plenty of colors and neutrals to choose from. This is "Avion" chosen simply because the stylist was wondering what hue that might be. Happily it is a slate gray that turns to subtle tones of teal under some lighting. Very pretty and has a choice of silver or gold metal accents by hud.

Whatever your color choice, be sure and try the matching boots. These are "take your foot off" boots with a smaller foot than some styles -- perfect for gals of smaller stature -- like ME!

Great detailing as you can see.

Find the outfit at Tres Chic.

My hair which comes in a lovely gray to teal ombre is a perfect companion; look for Opale  Mishelle Hair, also at Tres Chic.

Poses by: aDORKable and Everglow