Muse - The Artist's Loft

Do you want to be inspired? Or be the inspiration?  Either works for me, but deep down in that girlie area that hides sometimes I would be happy to be someone's muse.

The Artist Loft offers a full studio complete with draped pose bench and lots of detailed items. Gacha or full set copy sets are available at Cosmopolitan. Look for the ChiC buildings area to the right of the entrance.

Every muse needs to look her best and these applier undies from Milk Tea are artfully made and would do well on any canvas.   Look for  ~Sensia~  at Cosmopolitan. Red, black and white sets area available.

My just got out of bed and I don't care if you know it hair is from no.match at On9 (opens on the 9th) ---  No Risk.

Poses by: Eternal Dream