The Absence of Neighbors

Trompe Loeil

I have lived on mainland many times during my nine SL years. It is no surprise that there is more and more emptiness on our primary continents -- actually I like that.

I journeyed over to a group land lot this morning to find my next door neighbor gone. The 1024 plot is now (because of abandoned land) completely void of nearby neighbors. It is now also waterfront with an ocean vista as long as I don't turn my draw distance up a long, long ways.

The land is hilly, gradually going down to sand level of the neighboring sim which turns quickly into water; a perfect spot for the new Trompe Loeil  Larcadia Cottage. Long pilings work well on the hilly ground and be sunk in as far as needed. Lots of windows and two separate wings gives privacy and defined living areas.

The Larcadia Chair comes with a texture change menu of retro style patterns as well as plain white.

Find them both at FaMESHed.