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The Corornavirus Garden - Free Online Class at OSU

Most summers have found me puttering in my garden. Some years it has been an acre, some years it has been a few pots outside the front door.  I even had a backyard winter garden in Barbados one year.  Barbados is of course near the equator so that worked just fine.   For me, it is the process as well as the fresh vegetables.

During World War II  people were encouraged to plant "Victory Gardens".  If you are among the many folks confined to their homes, gardening can give you a purpose, some exercise and certainly some fresh air.  all things that you need.  Your plantings can be in a backyard garden or simply a few pots on a balcony.  It all works.

You can order potting soil, pots and seeds online and have them delivered. Stay Home - Stay Safe.

To help fledgling horticulturists, Oregon State University has waved the fee of its online gardening class.  It won't replace several decades of gardening experience, but it will give you a starting point.

We really do need to start taking care of ourselves BY ourselves and learning (remembering) how to produce some of our own food is a step in the right direction.   There was a time when almost everyone grew their own food. Yes, really.


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