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Escaping from complex and painful realities let's a breath again. A few minutes. An hour. Each virtual minute takes us away to a hopefully more peaceful time -- one where we can connect with the parts of ourselves that have been lost this last month or so.

Getaway is a perfect place to simply EXHALE.

A Nutmeg brand showcase, items from times past mingle easily with the sparse but beautiful landscape designed by Jacky Macpherson. 

I journeyed over yesterday late afternoon on a photo safari. Not only did I find plenty of areas worthy of capturing, I also found presents.  Oh my!

 Tucked  away in a seen better days shed, the offerings are plentiful and lovely.  I am not going to give you a rundown, but if you are a Nutmeg fan I can pretty much guarantee that you will come away pleased.  These are medium to high impact items so if you are in a low prim budget you may need to save some of the presents for a later more bountiful time.

When the days get to heavy, come escape in Getaway.


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