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Moving into a new "summer house".  Well not much else to do but decorate these days and it is fun. I found a super lovely three sim group with beautiful landscaping and great vistas. I haven't explored all that much yet but there is certainly plenty to see.  My house is the Trompe Loeil - Soleil Greenhouse Cottage which I remember from awhile back.

I made the greenhouse area into an artist's studio and the main room acts as a kitchen, dining and seating (library) area.  A hanging daybed fills the other greenhouse area. Definitely open planning. 

My new addition in the forefront is the No59 Beverage cart GIN which of course is also a drinks giver.   Since the name specifies "gin" for this model, I am thinking there will be other versions down the road.  Just a guess of course.   Amazingly this is only 4 land impact with ALL those details and clutter!   Find it at Tres Chic


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