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Christmas Cheer - Great Gifts

Now I am not really a "dog" person, but this little guy makes even me smile. If you ARE a "dog person" you certainly want to claim a copy.  This is the KraftWork Krafty, The Trumpet Dog and there is no group join fee. 

Wander around the store, there is plenty to see including some very creative and quirky gachas.  

Packages in a sack are a past holiday gacha item from Trompe Loeil. 

If you are a person that likes their seasonal accents to be subtle, then the ReKa. Cookies and Milk group gift will likely make you smile.  So very pretty and definitely homey. I can almost smell those sugar cookies coming fresh from the oven. This is a primmy bit of decor weighing in at 3 or 4 land impact, but if you are crafty you can link it to a balancing item to save those points.  I linked it to a complex chair with a low server weight and in combo the complete food set only counted as ONE land impact. So craftiness works. 


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