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Gardening on Lilly Ave

With the weekend close at hand and not a lot in my "bloggables" folder (one great new hair does not a post make) I will leave you with a shot of my dirt driveway on Lilly Avenue.    I have clutter. Possibly more clutter than ever before -- well awhile anyway.  It makes for fun photography; that's for sure. 

My prim counter tells me I have used 590 of my land impact allotment. Around 50 of that is in a small shop in the "shopping district" (mostly for fun; I doubt there are many if any sales :D).   I have empty space on the upstairs deck and front porch but most areas are completed.  

I really only NEEDED a small plot since I like small houses, but this big one gives me lots and lots of buffer zone which is nice and some beautiful vistas of trees and grass and flowers.  All good.   

Have a good weekend and keep your head in duck and cover mode; it might be iffy on Sunday again. 


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