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Uber Hometown - February

Hisa at Hometown

The first round of the Hometown event by Uber opened at noon today. I wandered the streets of the big builds and thoroughly enjoyed the landscaping and attention to detail. A wide variety of buildings were displayed on this lovely SL sunny day. 

Make a Mark




Furniture and d├ęcor can be found inside the large ultra-modern building near the entry point. Personally I wasn't comfortable inside. Too large a space for me with many sitting areas and fillers, I got lost just trying to see all the items on display. I would have enjoyed something outside along with the big builds, more with a  "Lost and Found" flavor.  The impressing building wasn't saying "Hometown" to me at all.   

That being said there are plenty of furnishings available for purchase with a big variety of styles.  I picked these two to feature as they had very good LODs, low and lowish triangle counts and were CREATIVE -- and it is nice to see something a bit different these days.  

Journey on over to the event and take a tour for yourself. Perhaps you will find a few favorites also!

Velvet Whip

Crowded Room


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