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Shopping for RARES

With so much going on at the beginning of the month I forgot all about The Arcade.  Looking through the release guide about 90 percent of the offerings were things that I would never EVER use (LOL). Add a small percentage of items without demos, numbers on the key -- so you had NO idea what the ball number connected too and actually that would make that particular machine illegal as far as I can see, and a couple of creators that typically make LOD4 items and that left me with three machines to play. 

We did well, my alts and I gathering RARES on almost each machine. I rather like this method of purchase. As long as you have an alt or two and some time on your hands you can get some lovely things for 50 or 75 lindens. 

Top photo  plant by MINIMAL, deco shelves by Myrrine.
Bottom Photo yurt by CELESTE (there are bad LOD mirrors inside but they can either be enlarged or deleted and covered with other wall decor.   


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