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Tilia Changes - Lindens to USD as Taxable Income

Some landowners reported that they have been contacted by Tilia stating that they needed to add information so that they could receive a 1099  tax reporting form. This of course goes against what we were told when Tilia Took Over.  At that time ONLY money processed out to Paypal would be counted as income (in the US anyway).  In the notice accounts not complying could/would be placed on hold. 

If you own a few sims -- enough to hit whatever benchmark Tilia is using -- you will want to watch this thread. Note that Patch is checking on this and hopefully will report something tomorrow.  The fact that the change is happening at the END of the year with no notice given is NOT GOOD.  

You can read background on the Tilia dra-ma by searching this blog for Tilia.  


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