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Camp Coalcliff


My last few days of  2021 were spent over at my new place at Camp Coalcliff,  a grungy village that has seen better days. I have taken over the gas station (to the left) and am having a great time styling. Along the way and not too surprisingly I have discovered holes in my inventory. Yep, again. Even with all my main folders protected via Firestorm there is the ability of the database to lose on its own.  

But hey, only pixels and part of our virtual life.  Happily there is a new texture change motorcycle out at Munick for the weekend and that worked perfectly outside the gas pumps.  There was a time a few years back when I was queen of the track in Opensim.  It was fun getting my time for the very large multi-sim track down around 2 minutes.  I practiced often.  Those days are gone, but fond memories.

The bike offers a large range of colors for various parts. I picked the most worn version. There is even PINK!   


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