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Shop and Hop 2-2022

The Valentines Shop and Hop sims are coming online! And boy are there a lot of them. Twenty eight have appeared so far; that's a lot of territory to cover.  Now in the recent past some of the sims have been empty upon opening. There is also the possibility that the two empty squares may be filled. Time will tell.

Looking at the vastness here I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering how best to tackle the hefty expanse of  possibly over 500 shops. I think, for me, the best plan would be to hit my favorite stores from the list and then perhaps later go back and walk a few areas per day --- five seems doable without too much fatigue. 

Keep your eye out for a new pair of comfy walking shoes!    


Oona said…
Excellent suggestion! I am copying your plan.
Chic Aeon said…
Turned out there were only ten active sims. Confusing for sure but will remember the "plan" for next time and just wait and see what gets named. New post up on the event now.

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