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What I Did Last Year

What did I do in my 13th year in SL?  I remember a few things like places I lived and mesh I made -- most items ending up in the Advent calendar (my last I suspect but it was a good one). My blog, happily, let's me look back on years past. 

But while my memories are fairly misty like wet watercolor paintings, Linden Lab keeps records and sent them to me yesterday.  I was apparently a fairly busy gal.  The "longest streak logged in" must be the number of SL days when you logged in and not  continuous time inworld since I most often log out at night. 

There is a bit of news which I will share soon.  I have a place in a new community area and have been decorating. So when that is done I will report.  Hint:  I am getting to use that great gacha tent I won a few months back :D.   


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