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RFL Home and Garden Expo Is Open

Landscaping by Felix

Fantasy mixes with modern, McMansions mix with tiny house, and creativity reigns -- all at this year's RFL Expo.  

Simple Reflections

Shop the official vendors to donate your sales price to RFL or wander the stores and large displays to find the perfect new accessory, plant or bit of furniture.  And don't miss the art galleries. 

Cain Mavin - Quantum Luxury Homes

If giant homes don't fit your style or your land budget ...

never fear!  There are tons of shops with small décor items, many with value pricing. And for the wee folk citizens there is a whole area dedicated to tinies. Even if you are of larger stature -- it just makes you smile.

Color by Eve

Don't miss the $10 hunt (money goes to RFL) where you can pick up some terrific items for mere pennies.  You can see the hunt items here. or just wander. Folks participating -- especially in shopping malls should have a 3D RFL prim like seen above only smaller outside by their sign.  The hunt prim looks just like this but is buyable :D. 

Que Rico $10 Hunt item 

Other Important Bits

The donation item gallery is here.  It will also be linked from Seraphim. Many creators have the demo item out alongside the RFL vendor. 

The Decorating Contest will have more homes this year and each one different. Find them at Hope 1 and more information (not up as I type this) here.   

See the EXPO website for up to day info on auctions, entertainment, talks and more.  


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